Diverse Cymru offers a payroll service for people who employ personal assistants (PAs) which means that any statutory deductions from employees, such as tax and National Insurance, will be calculated via the payroll service.

If you opt to use this service a schedule of the payroll periods will be provided. This will enable you to track when the hours your PAs have worked will need to be provided and when they should be paid.

There are various ways to let us know about your PAs’ hours, including via e-mail, telephone and by post. Payslips will be produced for your PAs’ wages, deducting any tax and National Insurance due, and will be sent to you for your records along with a copy for your PAs. Unless you have opted for managed banking, where the wages will automatically be paid on your behalf into your PAs bank accounts, cheques will need to be provided to your PAs for these amounts.

You will also receive a quarterly letter to inform you of how much is due to HM Revenue and Customs. If you have opted for managed banking this will be paid directly to HM Revenue and Customs on your behalf.