Recruiting Personal Assistants

Personal Assistant Matching Service (PAMS)

Diverse Cymru manages a database of people who are currently employed or looking to work as a Personal Assistant (PA) to make recruitment quicker and easier for direct payment recipients. The PAMS system matches potential PAs to the preferences that each employer provides regarding the skills and attributes which they would like in a PA. Any matching profiles are forwarded to the Direct Payments service user to look over and decide who they may wish to meet and interview.

Please note that many of the profiles of individuals held on the PA database are of people currently looking for work as a PA. They are not vetted prior to registering and do not necessarily have an up-to-date DBS certificate, which will need to be processed before they can start work as a PA. In some cases, if they are employed by another Direct Payment recipient, they may hold a current DBS certificate via Diverse Cymru. Despite our best attempts to find a match please be aware that use of the Personal Assistant Matching Service does not always guarantee a match can be found.

Individuals registered on the Personal Assistant Matching Service are not employed by Diverse Cymru.

Manual Handling

If a PA is employed by a Direct Payments service user with manual handling needs we can direct them to an appropriate course in their area. For more information or to arrange to attend manual handling training in Cardiff, please contact

Advertising for a Personal Assistant

Diverse Cymru’s Direct Payments Support Workers can offer advice on where and how best to advertise for a PA, and listings will be included in our Personal Assistant Vacancies.

Service User Testimonials

Gail, one of our long time service users talks about her Direct Payments and how they have changed her life.

Anthony also kindly gave his time to talk about his experiences transferring his Direct Payments from London.

“Since being referred to Cardiff and Vale Coalition of Disabled People now Diverse Cymru in the late 90’s, I have been a recipient of Direct Payments.

This has had an enormous impact on the quality of life of me and my family. With the assistance of my allocated Direct Payment support worker, I have been empowered to interview and employ my own PAs.

This choice has enabled me to have the package of care that best suits my individual needs. Once initial training took place the PAs employed have continued to give me an incredible service of care.

Occasionally there are times when things need to be resolved. My Direct Payment support worker then offers advice either by phone or a visit to my home.

I now have managed banking, which gives great peace of mind because all I now have to do is monitor time sheets and pass in the hours.

Thank you all so much for your continued support.”

– Ann Gilmore