Direct Payments Support Service

Diverse Cymru is contracted by the Local Authorities of Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion to provide free support services and advice to recipients of direct payments in their areas. The support that is provided is based on their needs and is tailored to the individual and their wishes.

If you are looking for an organisation to assist with direct payments in another area, please contact your local authority so they can direct you to the local service provider.

Our Direct Payments Team can provide assistance with:

  • Advice on budgeting with direct payments
  • Identify appropriate care agencies
  • Explaining employment legislation and an employer duties
  • Registering the individual in receipt of direct payments as an employer and liaising with HM Revenue and Customs on their behalf.
  • Creating job descriptions and assisting with advertising for and recruiting personal assistants (PAs)
  • Arranging Manual Handling training for PAs
  • Free Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS, formerly Criminal Records Bureau) checks for PAs
  • Liaising with local authorities to provide manual handling training for PAs who require it as part of their role
  • Putting together employment documents (contracts, annual leave records etc.)
  • Advising on Employer’s Liability Insurance
  • Managed Banking
  • Payroll
  • A Personal Assistant Matching Service (PAMS)

Our Direct Payments Teams

Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion, Newport & Bridgend
  • Laura Armytage - Regional Direct Payments Manager

  • Sally Grenfell - Assistant Direct Payments Manager (Ceredigion)

  • Emma Rees - Pembrokeshire Senior Independent Living Advisor
  • Sioned Jones - Carmarthenshire Senior Independent Living Advisor (Maternity)
  • Sean Gilmore - Carmarthenshire Senior Independent Living Advisor
  • Teresa Smale - Newport and Bridgend Senior Direct Payments Payroll and Managed Accounts Officer

  • Helen Evans - Senior Direct Payments Payroll and Managed Accounts Officer
  • Jane Williams - Business Support Officer
  • Mari-Claire Grenfell - Business Support Officer

  • Abigail Chandler - Independent Living Advisor
  • Angela Dilliway - Independent Living Advisor
  • Chris Standen - Independent Living Advisor
  • Christine Morgan - Independent Living Advisor
  • Gemma Griffiths - Independent Living Advisor
  • Hannah Zaplatynski - Independent Living Advisor
  • Judy Taylor - Independent Living Advisor
  • Karen Bladen - Independent Living Advisor
  • Karen James - Independent Living Advisor
  • Kay Hughes - Independent Living Advisor
  • Maria Davies - Independent Living Advisor
  • Sarah Tripp - Independent Living Advisor (Maternity)
  • Christine Brooks - Independent Living Advisor
  • Theresa Nash - Direct Payments Payroll and Managed Accounts Officer
Support for Local Authorities, Social Services and other organisations

Our Direct Payments Team can:

  • Attend information visits with social workers unfamiliar with direct payments to potential recipients
  • Visit local organisations with an interest in direct payments to provide information about the scheme
  • Take part in consultations at a strategic level for the benefit of direct payment recipients

Diverse Cymru’s Direct Payment’s team are available Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm.

If you have any queries regarding the support that the Direct Payments team can offer please email: