I have been recruited by a direct payment recipient in Newport, Swansea or Gwynedd. What happens now?

You will be invited to the Diverse Cymru offices to have a DBS check carried out. Once your DBS has been completed and verified, you can start working.

There may be other paperwork it is necessary to complete for payroll purposes. If your employer uses the Diverse Cymru payroll service a Starter Checklist will need to be completed to make sure you are put you on the correct tax code. Starter checklists can be requested from Diverse Cymru by the employer or downloaded from our Resources for PAs page or direct from HM Revenue and Customs website.

If your employer uses the managed banking service, Diverse Cymru will also need details for the bank account you would like your wages paid into. You can request the form to complete with this information from our Direct Payments Team or download it here .

Please note that each direct payment recipient you work for is classed as a separate employer and that new forms will need to be completed for each individual you work for.

Am I employed by Diverse Cymru

No. Diverse Cymru offers support services for your employer, the person in receipt of direct payments, and may help facilitate in your recruitment but you do not work for Diverse Cymru. In circumstances where you can or must give details of your employment these should be of the individual who employs you as a PA.

Will I receive a contract of employment for PA work?

Yes. When you are employed as a PA the same employment legislation will apply as in any other type of employment. This means that you will still be entitled to the same benefits, such as statutory sick pay, annual leave, etc. Your employer is responsible for setting up your employment contract and will inform their support worker in the Direct Payments Team of the relevant information needed to undertake this on their behalf.

Your annual leave (holiday) entitlement will also be calculated at the same time. Any requests for annual leave must be discussed with your employer, ensuring that sufficient notice is given. These documents will be sent to your employer, who will provide you with copies.

Keeping records of annual leave taken are the responsibility of both the employer and employee.

How will I be paid?

Payroll is processed on a four-weekly basis. Your employer is responsible for contacting Diverse Cymru to provide the hours for payroll purposes and will be sent your payslips, with copies for both you and their own records. If they are managing their own finances they will be responsible for paying you by the method of their choice, e.g. cheque or bank transfer.

If the employer has opted for a managed bank account, where Diverse Cymru receives funds from the local authority to manage on their behalf, you will receive payment directly into your bank account from Diverse Cymru. If you make any changes to your bank account details you must notify your employer and a member of the Direct Payments Team as soon as possible so that our records can be updated accordingly.

Download a chart of pay periods here.

I have several positions but still earn under the threshold for tax purposes. What should I do?

It is advisable to contact HM Revenue and Customs to discuss your personal circumstances with them. You will need to provide them with the name of your employer and inform them that Diverse Cymru is the payroll agent acting on their behalf. HM Revenue and Customs will then notify Diverse Cymru of your new tax code. If you receive a copy of your new tax code, please inform your employer who can contact their Support Worker at Diverse Cymru to check we are also in receipt of this.

What happens if my employer is no longer receiving direct payments?

Sometimes situations may arise where your employer is no longer able to employ you, e.g. if their circumstances have changed and their needs have been reassessed or if they have chosen to move to a residential home. Should this happen, depending on how long you have been employed, you may be entitled to statutory payments such as a notice period, annual leave accrued but not yet taken and redundancy.

Before final payments can be made, an audit may need to be carried out on the employer’s Direct Payment records. This process is dependent on the local authority. Once these final payments have been made, a P45 can then be produced.

Can Diverse Cymru provide me with a reference?

Whilst Diverse Cymru provide services that are beneficial to people wishing to become a PA or who are already working as such these are intended only as support services for direct payment recipients in their role as an employer.

Diverse Cymru does not employ PAs directly and are impartial as to whom direct payment recipients employ. As such Diverse Cymru cannot provide references for PAs.